Home Improvement


When working with Schrader Contracting Services on your home improvement project, you get a full-service team lead by Scott Schrader himself. Scott oversees that each project is completed at the highest quality and ensures that your home is approached from the unique perspective your custom job requires.

Your home improvement project starts with an idea, let Schrader Contracting Services make it a reality.


Difficult/Structural Repairs
Wood Rot Repair
Commercial Building Repair
After the Fact Permit Work
Fiber Board Siding


Here at Schrader Contracting Services we believe in finding solutions for our clients. This means no home improvement project is too much of a challenge for our team. We are ready to take on your difficult/structural repair project and find a solution that works for you and will result in a lasting solution. We strategically partner with local qualified engineers to provide function and safe results on your property.


The existence of rotted wood on a structure is nothing to take lightly. If neglected, rotted wood can eventually lead to numerous costly repairs. Repairs can be complex and rotted wood can affect the structural integrity of a building. Wet and rotted wood can also promote the growth of mold and mildew on a surface. A serious health concern, mold, and mildew can seriously hurt your property’s curb appeal, create unwanted odors, and allow various points of moisture intrusion to a building’s envelope. If your property is experiencing these issues or if you think you may have a rotted wood issue you should call an experienced contractor immediately.

Schrader Contracting Services specializes in rotted wood repairs and has extensive experience dealing with these substrates.


Schrader Contracting Services is a licensed contractor with detailed knowledge of building codes and the permits required. By providing guidance on a home improvement project as early as possible, we can ensure that your After-the-Fact Permit Work is done correctly and within the scope of city codes. So, you can rest easy knowing your project will get completed and will pass inspection.


As a full-service general contractor, Schrader Contracting Services has the knowledge and resources to take on your commercial building repair. Experienced in navigating custom build-outs for retail spaces as well as multi-use office areas, Schrader Contracting Services can help create a functional flow that fits your overall business needs.


Fiber board siding is an excellent, low-maintenance option for the exterior of your home. However, unlike conventional siding, fiber board requires a special technique when being installed or repaired. If handled improperly, the material can become brittle, and with its heavier weight, this can lead to a compromise in the durability of the siding.

At Schrader Contracting Services, we specialize in solving the most complicated home improvement projects and we have the trained experts to take on your fiberboard siding project. We always install per the manufacturer’s specifications to ensure your warranty is valid.


When it comes to weatherproofing and vapor barriers, Schrader Contracting Services uses the highest quality system for your project; TamlynWrap® Drainable Housewrap. This system drains twice as fast as other house wraps and has the drying capability of a 3/8 rain-screen, eliminating excess moisture and protecting your home from mold and rot.